The Russia Investigation- Our Great National Distraction

By: Michael D. Jacobsen

It has been over two years, and just about everyone is tired of hearing about it. That in 2016 it is possible that the Russian government tried to influence our national election. The media frenzy over this has continued and after all this time we are still no closer to finding out the truth.

Currently there are four people that have been arrested in relation to this investigation. That is all, and none of these charges are related to Donald Trump’s campaign. Most of these relate to tax evasion and bank fraud. And yet the media will have you believing that a noose is somehow closing around Russia’s neck and they will soon be exposed for interfering with our election. As usual this is a lie, the only reason it is being done is to keep Americans distracted with stories like this while they being kept ignorant of more important stories. Information that might make the masses upset if they knew about what really was going on.

So just how important is the Russia investigation? Not very, even if it was found that our current president worked with the Russians during his campaign, it has been pointed out that this is not a crime. So even if this was proven tomorrow, nothing can be done. Yet this has been dragged out almost two years to keep people distracted. Now naturally you are going to ask what we are being distracted about. I will give some articles of note, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the articles I mention shall be followed up on in future articles. A former Oklahoma Senator admits to sex trafficking while in office.  Also in a similar story the 3rd highest official in the Vatican is facing sexual assault charges. And the housing market is slowing down which is a sign the economy is stalling.

Those are three recent examples, as I stated there are plenty more. But you do not hear much about them, instead you get stories about how Trump supporters acted at a rally. Or how the president asked for a coke. Or perhaps how the president said you needed ID to go grocery shopping. These are things the media deems newsworthy. Be honest of the three examples of newsworthy versus un-newsworthy what stories were you aware of? This is because most of the media is there to do three things, divide, distract, and keep people misinformed. We live in an age where information is a few keystrokes away, and for the most part we are the least informed people in generations. The media does its job quite well.

The least intelligent stories seem to get the most press time. Stories that most people know are just stupid and meant to fill time, however after enough repetition these stories seem to be important, all the while we know better, yet most people will say nothing.

It is important to understand why the media is acting like it is. My belief is like many others, our media is controlled. Stories are scripted or edited to make people react however the media agency wants them to. My advice for anyone who watches mainstream news is to keep in mind their main goal is to keep you from the truth. To keep you distracted with stories and articles that mean nothing. And to keep you tuning in for more worthless “news”.

And that my friends is the Uncensored Truth. Thank you for reading.


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